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Turn your Wait Time into Fun Time. Now you can make connections and chat with friends waiting at the same or similar locations.

WaiTyme to the Rescue!!!

We pretty much do everything on our phones these days, and one thing that we all love to hate is Waiting. Waiting for Services, Food, Waiting at the DMV, or the ER. Waityme is an app for your phone to help reduce that wait time and make it go faster

A Social Way To Wait

WaiTyme is much more than a recommendation on where to go, its designed to generate conversations and build connections. Entertain and be entertained while you wait and make connections where you are or with others far away.

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What Is Waityme?

The most revolutionary social media phenomenon of the decade. WaiTyme is the new Normal for Waiting. Find out where Your Wait Time is shortest, Turn your Wait Time into Fun Time, Make Connections and Chat with friends waiting at the same or similar locations, Recommend or vent about your Wait Time Experience or Services.  

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Our user base is growing in multiples, what that means for you is a growing number of WaiTyme users to interact with and  Elevate your WaiTyme Experience. Invite your friends to join and increase the fun. 24 Hr User Support and Privacy Safeguards for your online safety.


Our Promise to You

Who We Are

Des Aina is the Creator and Founder of the WaiTyme App. Des is an HBCU graduate, serial entrepreneur, and social media maven.  Guided by her life experiences and social media interactions, she developed the concept for the app and guided the development, testing and launch with the passion and intensity she brings to all her projects.


What We Promise

We are a US based business and we care about our customers and users. We offer 24 Hour support and promise an unparalleled user experience and we will never sell your Information. See our Privacy Policy for Details 



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